Wednesday, 16th October, 2019
16th Safar, 1441
Fajr6:20 AM
Sunrise7:31 AM
Zuhr1:15 PM
Asr4:31 PM
Magrib7:14 PM
Isha8:00 PM

IABA Building Fundraising Campaign

At the IABA center we aim to elevate the human experience through worship and by developing God-consciousness. IABA needs your financial support to prepare for the future and to uplift the next generation of American Muslims. Please support our efforts as we reopen our building fundraising campaign. Your donation will help build a new community center that will better serve our growing community. This call to action is an invitation to do good and to be partners in doing something significant and positive as a collective.

Safar Week 2 – Friday + Saturday

Please note – that this Saturday DINNER WILL BE SERVED BEFORE SALAATUL MAGHREB. Please be on time and early to have your meal before the program insha’Allah. Expect only very light refreshments like water and tea to be available after the main program.

Thursday, October 10, Day of 11th Safar
07:23 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha
07:45 PM   Qur’an + Hadith Kisa
08:05 PM   Salaam + Marsiya
08:20 PM   Majlis-e-Aza addressed by Allama Syed Yasir Naqvi
09:20 PM   Noha / Matam

Friday, October 11, Day of 12th Safar
01:18 PM   Friday Prayers

06:30 PM   Dua’a Kumayl / Ziyarat Waritha
07:22 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha

07:45 PM   Qur’an + Hadith Kisa
08:05 PM   Salaam + Marsiya
08:20 PM   Majlis-e-Aza addressed by Allama Syed Yasir Naqvi
09:20 PM   Noha / Matam

Saturday, October 12, Day of 13th Safar
06:30 PM   Dinner
07:21 PM   Salaatul Maghreb + ‘Isha
07:45 PM   Qur’an and Poetry
08:00 PM   Main Speech with Brother Abbas Bandali
08:50 PM   Noha / Latmiyya followed by Ziyarah

09:30 PM   Qur’an + Hadith Kisa
09:50 PM   Salaam + Marsiya
10:00 PM   Majlis-e-Aza addressed by Allama Syed Yasir Naqvi
10:50 PM   Noha / Matam